Hash Passion


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Hash Passion

Hash Passion produces large, round buds that are completely covered in trichomes – we mean, literally, covered in trichomes. This potent little plant packs quite a punch, especially with a THC content tested at 17.5%. The high kicks in practically upon exhale and lasts well over an hour – if you can stay awake that long. Hash Passion is a serious indica with a tendency to leave you couch locked permanently on the couch… okay, well maybe not permanently, but you’ll be glued there for quite a while.

It’s amazing that a strain with such incredible potency only requires a 7-week flowering period, yet Hash Passion certainly does. Outdoors it’ll be ready for harvest by the beginning of October. Indoors, make sure to feed these ladies plenty of nutrients and give them a solid 2-week flush. As the name implies, you should definitely make some hash or other concentrates out of the trimmings and bottom buds.

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